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Last Update: 05/12/2016 20:07

   In this page you will find all my old programs in Windows platform, created with Microsoft Visual Studio 6 & C++. All programs testing in WinXP (SP1, SP2) and Windows Server 2003 (SP1, R2). The status of programs is freeware.

   Added my projects in Arduino platform and Eagle CAD designs.

    MyArduino platform folder of projects and libraries.

    MyEagle CAD designs folder.

    auxLibrDll / 26 Nov 2016 - 72 Kbytes is for Win2000, Win2003 & WinXP only.

Must be placed in the same folder with application or in the System Path (ex:"C:/WINDOWS/").

You need this DLL to all my programs. This DLL is not included in applications zip file!!!

    BigBen / 10 Oct 2003 - 52 Kbytes - Screenshot 56 Kbytes

Add voice in your PC-Clock every hour. You can define yours wave files.

Function Keys Launcher for auto run exe files, documents, folders...

Save and restore your Desktop Icons independent of screen resolution.

    BigBenSounds  6/11/2001 - 444 Kbytes  sorry ... with my voice (male) and in the Greek language. You need all this files (25 in 24h format) only if you won't make yours...

    Cleaner / 08 Feb 2003 - 21 Kbytes - Screenshot 50 Kbytes.

Clean the "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP" folder and any other Temp folder you want (max 10), every time with startup of the Windows.

    EuroCalc / 22 Jan 2003 - 9 Kbytes - Screenshot 16 Kbytes.

A simple converter from Euro to Drachmas & Drachmas to Euro.

     FileAttributes / 26 Jan 2003 - 9 Kbytes - Screenshot 9 Kbytes.

A small utility for quick change the attributes state (Archive, Hidden, Read Only & System flag) of files & folders.

    FileInfo / 22 Jan 2003 - 16 Kbytes 

Screenshots image1 - 48 Kbytes, image2 - 17 Kbytes

Statistic analyze for multiply Files & Folders.

     FileNamer / 08 Feb 2003 - 21 Kbytes - Screenshot 50 Kbytes.

Renames files & folders with many filters. Support loading & saving filters settings.

    FileSplitter / 22 Jan 2003 - 13 Kbytes - Screenshot 16 Kbytes.

Splits big files in smalls, for easy transfers and joined without the use of FileSplitter .

Also you can join the splitter files if you don't have the .bat file, with use of FileSplitter.

    FileTexter / 29 Oct 2004 - 21 Kbytes

Screenshots image1 - 64 Kbytes, image2 - 20 Kbytes

Make text files from folders and files with the given extensions.

   MailChecker / 22 Jan 2003 - 32 Kbytes

Screenshots image1 - 20 Kbytes, image2 - 40 Kbytes, image3 - 55 Kbytes, image4 - 16 Kbytes

Delete unwanted mails before downloaded from your favorite Pop3 Mail Program.

    RkaGUI / 22 Jan 2003 - 38 Kbytes - Screenshot 25 Kbytes

GUI for rkau application. Compress lossless wav files with ratio 1.6 - 2.2. You need extra the rkau107.zip file if you want plugin for Winamp application.

    SerialRemote / 10 Oct 2003 - 44 Kbytes

Screenshots image1 - 45 Kbytes, image2 - 42 Kbytes

Send Messages in applications with a simple keypad via Serial Port. Supported 12 Keys with various operations, 9 Programs selected from 13 - 15 key with 3 programs in every key (max 9 X 12 X 3 commands...). The zip include a bmp file with the diagram of keypad.

    StartupEx / 06 May 2003 - 7 Kbytes

Startup Applications with delay and one after one if you have problems with the default Windows Startup.

Supporting setup only with script file (text file) easy to edit.

    WinampEx / 10 Oct 2003 - 67 Kbytes

Screenshots image1 - 93 Kbytes, image2 - 31 Kbytes

Co-operate with Winamp2 application and support multi playlist with auto resume. Include a simple playlist editor with auto Insert & Shuffle the new Songs without restarting the playlist from the beginning a synchronize operation with an external m3u playlist file....

    WinLEDs / 21 Oct 2003 - 8 Kbytes

A very simple application for notify and control the LED keys of keyboard (Num Lock, Caps Lock & Scroll Lock). Useful in Wireless Keyboards without LED's.

    WinNET98 / 18 Oct 2003 - 91 Kbytes

Screenshots image1 - 27 Kbytes, image2 - 20 Kbytes, image3 - 56Kbytes, image4 - 29Kbytes, image5 - 64Kbytes, image6 - 51Kbytes, image7 - 49Kbytes, image8 - 26Kbytes, image9 - 22Kbytes, image10 - 19Kbytes, image11 - 20Kbytes, image12 - 15Kbytes

Remote control via local NET. Support 2 to 8 stations. PowerOn remote station, Shutdown remote station, Connect & Disconnect Dialup Modem via remote stations, Chat with all stations, Synchronize all client stations system time with server time, Auto update program in all stations with the specified folder for updates, Modem Log file with charge units, Modem Statistics & more.

In zip file include the file "config.ini" with information about servers. You must complete it with your own settings. In newer versions of program, the file can auto created from the Setting Guide.

Note: All stations NIC's (Network Interface Card) and motherboards must support WOL (WakeOnLan) feature.

    WakeTest - 6 Kbytes zip file include the file "WakeTest.exe" for testing the Network Card if supporting the WOL operator. The 'Ethernet Adr.' for testing Power On remote station, must added from  you and you can find it after execute the command 'winipcfg' - Win9x,Mil or 'ipconfig' - Win2000,XP (in remote station!!!).